18 high-protein breakfast recipes to try (2024)

Looking for a healthy, protein-packed way to start your day? Discover our tasty selection of protein-rich breakfast ideas and then check out our easy breakfast recipes. For more healthy ideas, check out our gut healthy breakfasts, keto-friendly breakfasts, healthy oat recipes, low-carb breakfasts and high-fibre breakfasts.


Why is protein important at breakfast?

Consuming protein at breakfast has a plethora of benefits, including supporting satiety, energy and a balanced mood. Studies also show that including protein at breakfast can aid weight loss or maintaining a healthy weight by helping you to feel satisfied for longer. All of our chosen recipes provide at least 20% of their calories as protein.

1. Protein porridge

Boost your protein levels in the morning with this simple protein porridge, loaded with toppings such as granola, banana, chocolate chips and seeds.

2. Healthy banana pancakes

Looking for a high protein breakfast which still feels like a treat? Try these fluffy banana pancakes, drizzled with maple syrup and topped with banana slices.

3. Vegan tofu scramble

Check out this low-calorie vegan breakfast recipe made with smoked tofu, punchy chilli and pan-fried courgette.

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4. Beetroot borani and halloumi breakfast bowls

Our vibrant breakfast bowl is made by topping salty pan-fried halloumi and creamy beetroot borani with crunchy dukkah and fresh herbs. This wholesome recipe comes from food writer John Gregory-Smith.

5. Rhubarb breakfast pots

Check out these rhubarb pots for a colourful low-cal breakfast. These nourishing breakfast pots are super-simple to make and are high in protein making them the ideal fuel to start your day.

6. Avocado and smoked salmon toasts

If you're looking for a healthy breakfast that feels like an indulgence, try our avocado and smoked salmon toast recipe. It also comes in at under 300 calories. We’re a little obsessed with avo at olive, so you could also try one of our best avocado on toast recipes.

7. Smoked haddock and spinach rye toasts

One for anyone who prefers a savoury breakfast, this quick and easy breakfast is high in protein and full of delicious smoked haddock, pecorino and garlic oil.

18 high-protein breakfast recipes to try (7)

8. Spring greens shakshuka

If you want a healthy weekend brunch, try this shakshuka. Made with eggs and green vegetables, this dish is perfect for anyone wanting a nutritious and filling breakfast.

9. Vegetable omelette

Jazz your omelette up with plenty of grated courgette, kale, peas and chilli flakes, then serve alongside cherry tomatoes dressed simply with white wine vinegar

10. PBJ breakfast parfait

Peanut butter is a breakfast time staple and, as this fruity, tangy, crunchy creation proves, its potential goes far beyond simply topping toast.

11. Sweet and sour lentil shakshuka

Mix up your weekend brunch and make this veggie shakshuka with lentils and punchy spice. This simple egg recipe is not only easy to make, it’s low in calories, too.

12. Open-faced omelette with garlic mushrooms and taleggio

Cheesy, earthy and filling – this simple grilled omelette with garlicky mushrooms and soft, melted taleggio is ready in just 20 minutes.

13. Protein pancakes

Start your day with these protein pancakes, made with bananas, wholemeal spelt flour and yogurt.

14. Spicy fried breakfast rice

For something a little different, try our simple rice bowl with spicy red chillis, salty-sweet bacon jam and soft boiled eggs. This low-calorie recipe is quick, easy and ready in 20 minutes.

15. Healthy breakfast muffins

These easy, healthy muffins are made with wholemeal flour and packed with bananas, dried fruit and seeds. Pack one for work as a breakfast snack – they'll provide you with loads of slow-release energy to get you through to lunchtime.

16. Scrambled eggs

Make the perfect scrambled eggs every time, using our recipe to achieve a soft, creamy texture – they're delicious served over buttered toast for a quick and easy protein-rich breakfast.

17. Kale smoothie

Try our health editor's vegan, four-ingredient green smoothie, packed with vitamins and nutrients including vitamin C.

18 high-protein breakfast recipes to try (17)

18. Healthy granola

Combining protein-rich walnuts, sesame seeds and bran, you can add more protein to this delicious breakfast with the addition of yogurt.


Tracey Raye is health editor for olive and BBC Good Food. Tracey, MSc, is a registered nutritionist, holding a master’s degree in personalised nutrition. She is passionate about harnessing the power of all things health and well-being, in a way that enhances, rather than limits our lives. She curates our nourishing recipes and collections, and stays abreast of the latest health and lifestyle trends in order to bring you the tools and inspiration you need to find what health means for you.

18 high-protein breakfast recipes to try (2024)


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