Thai-Inspired Chicken Meatball Soup Recipe (2024)



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This was quite tasty. I’m not sure what Gastons are hanging out in the NYT test kitchen but IMO it could serve 6-8. Also took far long than 30 min - even applying my “I’m spastic with a knife and lucky to have all my fingers” discount rate. Recommend cooking the meatballs close to done in the pan (had to simmer 30 mins...). I used turkey and added an egg and 1/2c panko for binding (meatballs were falling apart).

Chris B

Excellent. I cooked the meatballs in a 425F oven, on a sheet pan lined with parchment paper. Less fuss and easier clean-up. I used Thai peppers, had some frozen from last summer, probably more than a single jalapeno.


1. Double jalapeño (next time probably will triple.)2. Add 1 egg and 1/2c panko to the meatballs.3. 4c chicken stock with 1 container of coconut milk. (Probably again would increase the stock next time.)4. Reduce the size of the meatballs by half.5. Bake meatballs at 425 for 20 min.


Not sure what wizard could have this on the table in 30 minutes, but I tip my hat to them.


If you have a small food processor, definitely use that. I blitzed up the ginger, jalapeño, and garlic in it, scraped it out and then did the cilantro. Significantly cut down on the prep time for the meatballs.

Jo Jo

Gosh more than 430 comments here. If anyone actually sees this, let it be known and I followed the recipe to the T and it came out fabulous! The flavors here are deep. Yes the meatballs felt a little sticky to the hand, but they were not sticking to the Dutch oven when I browned them so it all worked out great. Meatballs were done in about ten minutes. Completed this meal in about 45 working as fast as I could -definitely not 30. Go for it, recipe needs no tweaking!


It’s a cruel joke saying this takes 30 minutes - especially for those of us trying to plan quick weeknight meals! After all the chopping and cooking the meatballs (25 min alone), this will easily end up being an hour. The recipe is great but pls be realistic on timing!!

Jen Nichol

Very tasty but if you’re expecting some heat, increase the jalapeños! I went ahead and added lemon grass to the broth because I’m a fan.Made 6 - 8 servings, took longer than 30 mins, closer to an hour (though I never rush when trying new recipes).

Lizzie D

Do you have a cold and are stoned? Pay your roommate $100 and ask them to make this for you. Tell them to use a good stock and follow the recipe.


This was really good! Made a few modifications. Followed others’ suggestions to add half a cup Panko and 1 egg to the meatballs and baked them for 20 min at 425. Also added baby bokchoy and sh*ttakes. Tripled the broth, as there was hardly enough for it to be considered soup. Quartered the meatballs and served over rice noodles with a generous amount of broth.


This was delicious! Made it for my husband’s birthday dinner. I added an egg and panko to the meatballs. And put them in the freezer for 2-3 hours before cooking them. Not enough broth!! Add at least 6-7 cups of broth! Also freeze the jalapeño before grating it. Garlic press the garlic. I will make this again! I added kieffer lime leaves and ginger stalk to simmer in the soup.Pair with white wine! Albariño, viognier, French Pouilly- Fuissé ...


sometimes when you make a dish that's supposed to last you a few days, you know you'll be sick of it the moment it's done. that's definitely not the case with this soup -- i'm so excited to have made this for the week's dinner!i added the 1 egg and 1/2 cup panko to the meatballs (i used turkey instead of chicken) and cooked in the oven at 425 for 20 mins, as others suggested.i would definitely double the broth and add a bit more jalapeño for a better kick -- my roommate added siracha to hers

Sharon Lansing

NYT Notes: I used turkey and added an egg and 1/2c panko for binding (meatballs were falling apart.> Add more jalapenos if you like heat.> Takes more than 30 min to cook through meatballs.


Since it was a meal for two, I made this tonight using 1lb of chicken but made the whole recipe for the soup. It gave us more soup to use with the rice and meatballs, I’m not sure if there would be enough liquid for 2 lbs of chicken. I also substituted Penzey’s dried jalapeño and it was fine.


Do NOT attempt to make without the fish sauce like I did! You'll end up with some bland, murky broth with meatballs in it.


Keeper of a recipe. Added 1/2 cup Panko, an egg to the meatballs and increased the number of chilies. Also added 1/2 tsp red pepper flakes to the meatball mix. Yipped the broth to 5.5 cups. Added lime zest to the broth while simmering. Skipped the spinach, added him chit and Cremini mushrooms. Broiled the meatballs on 2 sheet pans. Yep definitely not a 30 minute recipe but it was worth it. Line juice a must at the end.


This is a keeper. I baked the meatballs, added more broth, and adjusted seasonings accordingly. Delicious.


Mostly followed directions. Used a small food processor for ginger, garlic, and seeded jalapeño... saved time. Made meatballs as directed... let the mixture sit for about 10 min before browning. No issues with falling apart. Sweated leeks before adding garlic mixture, then broth. Used 22 oz. coconut milk and 6 c. chicken stock... added powdered bullion to taste and salt. Taste your broth as you cook! Awesome.


Excellent soup, we loved it. Only comment that I have is total prep time and cooking is about 1 hour, taking into account grating or chopping ingredients, mixing and cooking. 30 minutes its truly the amount of time that it takes to cook. I removed the jalapeño seeds and white veins next time I will leave some for some added spice.

Constance Castle

Perhaps an egg added to the ground chicken would hold them together a bit better. They were falling apart. The scent in the kitchen is fabulous. My partner and I loved the dish. Will make it again. Certainly took me more time than the stated 30 minutes.


Any substitute for cilantro? I'm one of those people where it tastes like soap. Recipe calls for so much of it, wondering what else I could use.


Made this exactly as written. IT WAS EXCELLENT.


Outstanding! I found the recipe nearly perfect. It takes longer than 30 minutes for sure, but the ingredients and portions work well together. Handling the meatball mixture is gooey, but they fry up nicely. Be patient, let them brown throughly before turning. They came out moist and scrumptious. I would not call it a brothy soup. More like a well moistened rice with meatballs. To add more heat/spice simply use hot chilies for condiments.


Super yummy! I used only a pound of chicken and it easily served two with some leftover. I did not add fish sauce to the meatballs as I thought it would make them fall apart with the extra liquid.

Andi from Austin

Added an egg and panko crumbs, cooked in the oven at 425 for 20 minutes on parchment paper, 4c chicken stock and full can of coconut milk, used kale instead of baby spinach

Lindsay Griffin

So delicious!... but only a 30 min meal if you have a prep chef to grate, chop, mix everything for you. I split the batch and did half chicken and half Impossible ground meat b/c my husband is vegetarian. We all agreed the Impossible meat made a heartier dish. Either way I will make this again for sure, just not as a school night quick meal unless I have prepped all the components in advance. I like the idea of doing the meatballs in the oven too - less mess!

maggie h

This is a family favorite. I have followed the recipe exactly many times, but I agree with other cooks that you can get away with baking the meatballs if you like. I spray the tops of the meatballs with a bit of olive oil, bake at 450 until just browned then toss them in the sauce to finish cooking. Easy clean up and no oil splatter.


1/15/21. Good as I did it; worth tweaking more!I used a large Serrano Chile; next time would use 1.5–2.Used one pound ground turkey breast but kept all other proportions the same. Next time I’d try ground pork. I added an egg and a handful of panko and baked on parchment-lined cookie sheet at 420 for 20 minutes, rotating pan half-way through. Skip the panko.The veggies in broth need dimension. Bok choy would be good. Maybe some shredded carrot? Green onions? More cilantro?


I agreed with some others in that the meatball to soup ratio was a bit off. I added more ingredients to get more broth. Next time I will halve the meatball mixture and make smaller balls. Great soup! Everyone enjoyed their meal. I also added sliced sh*take mushrooms along with the spinach and a bit of lemongrass paste. Delicious! I look forward to making this again.


You know how this recipe says full fat coconut milk? Use full fat coconut milk. If you’re looking to cut a calorie or two, cook your meatballs in an air fryer (400 degrees; 10 minutes) instead.

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Thai-Inspired Chicken Meatball Soup Recipe (2024)


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