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Mechanical InternJob Description


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Mechanical internprovides BIM expertise in the application of Revit for mechanical system modeling including advanced application of system sizing and layout tools for mechanical building systems.

Mechanical InternDuties & Responsibilities

To write an effective mechanical intern job description, begin by listing detailed duties, responsibilities and expectations. We have included mechanical intern job description templates that you can modify and use.

Sample responsibilities for this position include:

A working knowledge of computers and elementary 2D/3D MCAE systems understanding of mechanical design fundamentals

Proficient in AutoCAD required

EHCOE Intern to provide Mechanical Engineering support to the design development and manufacturing of Avionics hardware and subsystems

The position will be responsible for design engineering support product integration/environmental test/production support

Undergraduate Candidate Preferred

Develop mechanical components and system concepts that satisfy the customer's requirements

Architect and design mechanical solutions by analyzing the performance and feasibility of alternative concepts using theory, simulations, and mathematical models Implement and verify the mechanical design by using the appropriate EDA tools

Deliver prototype units to customers by selecting components, procuring or fabricating models and supervising assembly

Knowledge of 3D modeling and Pro/Engineer, a plus

Design, build, optimize and test electronic circuits from baseband through 4 GHz

Mechanical InternQualifications

Qualifications for a job description may include education, certification, and experience.

Licensing or Certifications forMechanical Intern

List any licenses or certifications required by the position:EIT, FE, FAA, LEED, USGBC, CSWA, CAD, API, HSE

Education forMechanical Intern

Typically a job would require a certain level of education.

Employers hiring for the mechanical intern job most commonly would prefer for their future employee to have a relevant degree such asBachelor's and University DegreeinMechanical Engineering, Engineering, Science, Design, Technical, Mechanical Engineering Technology, Education, Communication, Supervision, Computer

Skills forMechanical Intern

Desired skills formechanical interninclude:


Software packages related to field of study/industry

Word and Excel



Revit and BIM

Microsoft Office programs


Desire to learn and leverage new technology platforms

Desired experience formechanical internincludes:

Current major

Expected graduation date

Previous experience using CAD (specify software used) if applicable

Level of understanding of GD&T (Y14.5) if applicable

Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering or Drafting (Rising-Junior 2017)

Previous CAD experience a plus

Mechanical InternExamples


Mechanical Intern Job Description

Job Description Example


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Our innovative and growing company is looking for a mechanical intern. We appreciate you taking the time to review the list of qualifications and to apply for the position. If you don’t fill all of the qualifications, you may still be considered depending on your level of experience.

Responsibilities for mechanical intern

  • Use of design related engineering programs, AutoCAD
  • Test and evaluate individual circuits overall systems
  • Must be able to travel internationally to support prototype manufacturing or customer deployment
  • Provide detailing support for various products and projects
  • Work from sketches & marked up prints provided by senior designers or mechanical engineers
  • Redraw legacy products/parts on SolidWorks CAD software
  • Detail work using SolidWorks CAD software
  • Prepare preliminary drawings or sketches showing supervisor's proposed specifications, design characteristics, wiring diagrams, for consideration and evaluation by supervisor
  • Prepare equipment for testing
  • Develop Solidworks models, assemblies

Qualifications for mechanical intern

  • Thermal CFD modeling of forced air convection cooled systems (Flotherm)
  • Compliance testing (Earthquake, EMC, Shock & Vibration, Acoustic, Thermal)
  • Currently enrolled in an accredited Bachelor’s degree or Master’s Degree program in Mechanical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering Technology
  • Must be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident Alien, due to defense contract-related work
  • Must have strong technical writing skills and the ability to follow assembly work instructions
  • Current Junior or Senior enrolled in a B.S


Mechanical Intern Job Description

Job Description Example


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Our growing company is looking to fill the role of mechanical intern. Please review the list of responsibilities and qualifications. While this is our ideal list, we will consider candidates that do not necessarily have all of the qualifications, but have sufficient experience and talent.

Responsibilities for mechanical intern

  • Design, Draft & order a few build from scratch parts
  • Assemble and test parts
  • Create and manage an index and storage system for engineering drawings (P&IDs, Process Flow Drawings, CWDs, Isometric drawings)
  • Create and update engineering drawings, where applicable
  • Participate in MOC meetings and RCA meetings to analyze data and make drawing changes
  • Product and Warranty Support
  • Quality and Manufacturing Issues
  • Conceptual, preliminary and detailed design on Mechanical projects related to fueling facilities, HVAC, Plumbing or other mechanical design
  • Help drive the next generation technologies of module manufacturing
  • Currently enrolled in a B.S

Qualifications for mechanical intern

  • National Diploma Civil
  • Currently enrolled in an accredited Bachelor’s degree or Master’s Degree program in Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Technology, or other related discipline
  • Currently enrolled in Bachelor's degree program at an accredited institution with a major in Mechanical Engineering or related discipline
  • Must have some 3D CAD experience (preferably SolidWorks)
  • For 3D Printer Capability
  • A Junior level status currently enrolled in an Engineering degree program


Mechanical Intern Job Description

Job Description Example


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Our innovative and growing company is searching for experienced candidates for the position of mechanical intern. If you are looking for an exciting place to work, please take a look at the list of qualifications below.

Responsibilities for mechanical intern

  • Assist senior engineers in root cause analysis investigation projects
  • Assist senior engineers in data evaluation and corrective action implementation
  • Drive technical case handling on less complex technical issues
  • Assist lead engineer in optimising the maintenance scope of the operating fleet
  • Provide basic expertise on moving mechanisms, static mechanical elements, and materials properties, capabilities and limitations
  • Help develop and maintain mechanical assembly testing procedures
  • Support internal technology
  • Support other engineers within the group in testing, data collection, and small scale design projects to enhance the CSG FI portfolio
  • Implement great design and solve engineering problems to make products that meet all performance and functional criteria within demanding project timescales
  • Apply practical and methodical design development through prototyping, testing and evaluation of results

Qualifications for mechanical intern

  • Minimum 3 months experience using CAD 3D design / SolidWorks
  • Minimum 3 months experience using rapid fabrication technologies 3D printing, laser cutting, traditional manufacturing technologies machine shop experience is required
  • Currently enrolled in an accredited Bachelor’s degree or Master’s Degree program in Mechanical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering Technology, or Aerospace engineering
  • Completion of Sophmore year
  • Take on new challenges and be comfortable with tackling the unfamiliar
  • Articulate ideas effectively


Mechanical Intern Job Description

Job Description Example


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Our company is growing rapidly and is looking to fill the role of mechanical intern. Thank you in advance for taking a look at the list of responsibilities and qualifications. We look forward to reviewing your resume.

Responsibilities for mechanical intern

  • Project activities could include scoping and prioritization, preliminary and detailed mechanical piping, equipment, and structural designs, support for safety studies, start-up support, post audit evaluations and completion of proper documentation
  • Conduct testing on products at different phases in the development
  • Ability to learn the MRP system to create parts and bills of materials
  • Communicates and behaves in a professional manner that supports the mission, vision, and policies of the organization
  • Execute engineering design and development activities consistent with Customer quality, cost, and schedule requirements – utilizing SolidWorks 3D modeling techniques
  • Designing mechanical piping and process systems, HVAC, and building plumbing
  • Assist engineers in performing stress, flow and heat transfer calculations
  • Creating system design plans from engineering concepts
  • Develop solutions for design problems
  • Create and review part drawings

Qualifications for mechanical intern

  • Appreciate the cultural and social dimensions of design
  • Anticipated to graduate with a Bachelor's of Science degree (B.S.) in Mechanical Engineering by June 30, 2018
  • Available to work part time (15+ hours/week) during spring and full-time during summer 2017
  • Student must be pursuing a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree program in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering in Control, Mechatronics, or a related field
  • Hands-on experience in building motion controller preferred
  • Must be working towards a minimum of an Associate Degree in a mechanical discipline


Mechanical Intern Job Description

Job Description Example


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Our company is growing rapidly and is looking for a mechanical intern. If you are looking for an exciting place to work, please take a look at the list of qualifications below.

Responsibilities for mechanical intern

  • Interpret and compile test data to produce technical reports to support the test results
  • Communicating with co-workers and other lab associates
  • Use organizational skills and time management skills to ensure assigned projects are completed by the specified due date
  • You will manage production performance as collecting data, analyzing, checking, modifying and implementing/updating production processes, methods and tools
  • Propose product improvements to design in pre-development and projects
  • Develop product requirements and design rules from a supply perspective
  • Build practice and produce ability
  • Maintain and prepare existing production processes
  • Conduct flow optimizations
  • Secure business continuity plans and sustainability

Qualifications for mechanical intern

  • The school’s curriculum must fit our mechanical needs/requirements
  • Currently pursuing a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering or related field
  • Design skills will involve learning how to use Solid Works in conjunction with Zemax optical design files to create an optical/mechanical assembly
  • Familiarity with Solids Works or Pro-E is preferred
  • Potential use of thermal modeling software and IR imaging lab techniques
  • Candidate must have at least completed one year in a drafting/design 2 year program

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I am a Candidate

As an enthusiast with demonstrable expertise in the field of mechanical engineering and related disciplines, I can confidently provide insights into the concepts mentioned in the provided article about Mechanical Intern job descriptions. My knowledge is rooted in practical experience, academic background, and a deep understanding of the industry. Here's an analysis of the key concepts presented in the article:

  1. BIM Expertise and Revit Application:

    • The Mechanical Intern is expected to provide Building Information Modeling (BIM) expertise, specifically in the application of Revit for mechanical system modeling.
    • Advanced use of system sizing and layout tools for mechanical building systems is emphasized.
  2. Duties & Responsibilities:

    • The job description emphasizes the importance of a working knowledge of computers and 2D/3D MCAE systems, along with understanding mechanical design fundamentals.
    • Proficiency in AutoCAD is required.
    • Responsibilities include providing Mechanical Engineering support for Avionics hardware and subsystems, design engineering, product integration, environmental testing, and production support.
  3. Qualifications:

    • The qualifications for the Mechanical Intern position include education, certifications, and experience.
    • Relevant degrees such as Bachelor's and University Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Engineering, Science, or related fields are commonly preferred.
    • Desired skills include proficiency in AutoCAD, knowledge of software packages related to the industry, and experience with Revit, BIM, and Microsoft Office programs.
  4. Experience and Skills:

    • Desired experience for a Mechanical Intern includes previous CAD experience, familiarity with GD&T (Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing), and expertise in 3D modeling tools like SolidWorks.
    • Experience in rapid fabrication technologies such as 3D printing and laser cutting is mentioned.
  5. Job Descriptions Examples:

    • The provided examples of Mechanical Intern job descriptions highlight variations in responsibilities and qualifications across different companies.
    • Responsibilities range from design and testing to data evaluation and support for mechanical piping and structural designs.
    • Qualifications include current enrollment in a Bachelor's or Master's degree program in Mechanical Engineering or related fields.
  6. Desired Experience:

    • Companies express a preference for candidates with hands-on experience in CAD 3D design, SolidWorks, and familiarity with rapid fabrication technologies.
    • Anticipated graduation dates and enrollment status are commonly mentioned.

In summary, the Mechanical Intern role encompasses a diverse set of responsibilities ranging from CAD design and testing to supporting Avionics hardware. Qualifications include educational background, skills in relevant software tools, and practical experience in the field. The job descriptions provided offer a comprehensive overview of the expectations for potential candidates in the mechanical engineering industry.

Mechanical Intern Job Description (2024)


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